DRAGON BALL SUPER - Vegetto SSGSS - Dragon Ball Super Chousenshi Retsuden (Bandai Spirits)

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DRAGON BALL SUPER - Vegetto SSGSS - Dragon Ball Super Chousenshi Retsuden (Bandai Spirits)

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Having been created with the Potara earrings from two equal beings, Vegetto is an entirely different being from both Gokū and Vegeta. Because he was created from them, his personality has traits of both Vegeta and Gokū and has also inherited their memories. Despite being a fusion of both Gokū and Vegeta, Vegetto's personality appears to garner more of its strengths from the Vegeta-half. He has shown himself to be rude and arrogant in combat, proud of his power and prone to belittling opponents while winning a battle. Vegetto also possesses Vegeta's tendency for adding "Super" before his name, referring to himself as "Super Vegito" (スーパー ベジット, Sūpā Bejītto; FUNimation "Super Vegito", Viz "Super Vegerot"). He has also inherited Gokū's love for his friends and family, prioritizing their rescue over immediately killing Majin Boo, even willingly letting himself be absorbed so that he could rescue them. Much like Gokū, he also speaks in the Tōhoku (東北) dialect of Japanese.

Vegetto is also a very intelligent and crafty individual, best shown while on the battlefield. He deliberately played on Bū's anger and insecurities, toying with the Majin and goading him into absorbing him, as well as being well aware of his his enemies' techniques work and how to counter them.

In his battle with Zamasu, it was revealed he is capable of being serious when need be, although he still retains his tauntful nature. Unlike the fused Zamasu, Vegetto was merged from two highly disciplined fighters. As such he rarely leaves any openings for his opponents to attack. In the manga, he stated he had no intention of dragging out the fight against the fused Zamasu and planned to eliminate him before Zamasu's fusion expired. This adds credit to the fact he taunted Boo in order to get absorbed and save his friends and family.

Despite being a product of fusion, Vegetto is not without unique traits of his own. One example is how he nicknames himself with his transformations such as Super Vegetto as a Super Saiyan as well as Vegetto Blue as a Super Saiyan Blue.

Serie Dragon Ball
Tipologia prodotto Figure
Materiale PVC
Altezza 20 cm

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